Blue Dots

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November 16, 2010
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"Blue Dots" is the eighth episode of Season One of FOX's Raising Hope. It is written by Liz Astrof and directed by Eyal Gordin. It is the eighth episode of the series overall, and premiered on November 16, 2010.

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins where Shelley is singing to dogs at her daycare when Virginia comes in to drop off Hope, Virginia notices that Shelley's dead tooth is gone and she says that she got rid of it due to seeing a tv show where a girl who had a dead tooth was made fun of because of it. Virginia then sees that no one but the dogs are there, Shelley says that the other kids went to a different daycare and the old people died but then Virginia believes that the daycare is making Hope into a dog since she was eating out of a dog bowl. While eating dinner Virginia tells Jimmy and Burt about the current situation but they don't believe that Hope dotturning into a dog but their theory's are wrong when Hope barks when the doorbell rings. Jimmy starts to look for a new daycare but can't afford one, Virginia then shows him a magazine about a smart daycare and a page where their giving a scholarship to one poor family. When all the family's come to the daycare for a meeting about who gets the scholarship one person mentions that there's a sex offender on the dangerous side of town and the chances take notice since they live in the dangerous side of town, they look up where the sex offender lives and it turns the sex offender is Burt. At first Burt is oblivious to that but Virginia reminds him that they had sex when Virginia was 15 and Burt was 17 and he was arrested. Jimmy knowing that the school won't take a relative of a sex offender demands that the blue dot be removed, they call a lawyer to get the dot revoked, the lawyer tells Burt to tell everyone in the neighborhood that he's a sex offender which result with the door in his face or him getting attacked. While at Howdy's Market Sabrina is reading Jimmy's application and notices a lot of exclamation points, Jimmy says it was to make it sound exciting, Sabrina detonstrates it and makes it sound creepy, she suggest that Jimmy lie on the application but chooses not to because he doesn't want Hope's future based on dishonesty. The chances then go to the courthouse and they get Burt's dot revoked but Maw Maw is then arrested for removing her top in front of kids and she gets a blue dot. The lawyer tells them that if Maw Maw does 12 hours of community service she'll get her dot revoked but Virginia knowing that Maw Maw is not lucid for that long doesn't think that she'll get it done, the lawyer says that anyone can sign in and do her service so Virginia agrees to do her service. Late at night Jimmy and Virginia are packing food and drinks for her when Burt comes out and Virginia says that he is sleep eating and he does every night, Jimmy questions how he isn't 500 pounds Virginia says he sleep exercises to. Shortly after Jimmy and Virginia leave Virginia has to pee so they stop at a gas station, the clerk won't give Virginia the key for the bathroom since its for customers only, they don't have enough money so Virginia takes her big coffee mug to pee in it, she gets caught by the police, arrested and gets a blue dot. Jimmy aware of the fact that he needs someone to do Maw Maw's community service in 5 minutes, he attempts to get a hooker to do it but his explanation sounds like sex and he gets arrested because the hooker was wearing a wire and the cops hear the explanation so Jimmy now gets a blue dot. Jimmy is shown in the living room thinking about lying on the application but chooses to when he sees Hope chewing on a steak bone and growl when Jimmy attempts to take it away. Next scene is where every poor family is in another meeting to see who gets the scholarship, Jimmy's application lie gets Hope the scholarship but out of guilt from lying admits that he lied on the application and admits that his family is sex offenders, at first the principal of the daycare is shocked that he lied but proud that he had the bravery to admit it, the other family's admit that they lied on their application too. Due to the lies on their application's all the family's are disqualified but Jimmy introduced the family's to Shelley's daycare and now Hope isn't the only child at Shelley's daycare. The ending scenes show Shelley and the new kids and parents singing a best friend's song and the credits scene shows the Chances going door to door revealing their sex offenders although Burt shouts that he isn't.

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Trivia Edit

Crimes the Chances were charged with:

Burt-statutory rape

Maw Maw-indecent exposure

Virginia-indecent exposure


Burt does get his blue dot removed. Jimmy,however,wasn't asking for a sexual favor.