Happy Halloween

Production Code
October 26, 2010
Written by
Dan Coscino
Directed by
Greg Garcia

Happy Halloween

"Happy Halloween" is the fifth episode of Season One of FOX's Raising Hope. It is written by Dan Coscino and directed by Greg Garcia. It is the fifth episode of the series overall, and premiered on October 26, 2010.

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Turns out Burt has scared his own son during all his childhood to get hugs. Maw Maw thinks she is 9-years-old again and goes trick or treating with Virginia. Jimmy goes at a party with Sabrina and kisses her for the first time but she had mistaken him for Wyatt. Burt tricks Jimmy to get a hug.

Recap Edit

It's Halloween, Maw Maw has eaten too many candies so she thinks she is 9 years old. Jimmy dicovers that Burt is the man with a scary mask who scares him every years on Halloween. Burt was scaring his own son to get real hugs.

At Howdy's, Sabrina has a fight with her boyfriend so Jimmy replaces him at a party. Jimmy is afraid that Burt might scare Hope so he ordres him to stay away from Hope. In order to go to the party he enlists his best friends as babysitters.

Virginia goes with Maw Maw for trick or treating. Burt goes egging with children. Wyatt arrives at the party.

Later that night Sabrina has passed out and Wyatt charges Jimmy to keep an eye on her. He brings her back at his home. Still drunk Sabrina kisses Jimmy mistaking him for Wyatt.

In his bedroom Jimmy finds a note saying that Hope is at the fire station and that he has only 5 minutes to take her back. On his bike Jimmy has a flat so Burt brings back Hope. Relieved, Jimmy hugs Burt.

FInally Jimmy discovers that the all story was made up by Burt to get a real hug. Hugged by Hope Jimmy understands why Burt likes to be hugged. He feels wanted, needed and loved, all at the same time.

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