Jimmy Chance
FDD Jimmy
First appearance "Pilot"
Portrayed by Lucas Neff

Greyson Chance (13-year-old)
Mason Cook (8-year-old)
Trace Garcia (3/4/5-year-old)

Name James Seinfeld Bon Jovi Chance
Gender Male
Relatives Wilfred Thompson (Great-Granfather) †

Barbara June Thompson (Great-Grandmother)

Louise Thompson (Grandmother)

Norma June Mayfair † (Great Great Grandmother)

Burt Chance (Father)

Virginia Chance (Mother)

Bruce Chance (Uncle)

Alyssa (Cousin)

Delilah (2nd Cousin)

Lucy Carlyle (Ex-Wife)

Hope Chance (Daughter)

Sabrina Collins (Wife)

Tamara Collins (Mother-in-law)

Cap Collins (Father-in-law)

Susan (Sister-in-law)

Shelley Collins (Cousin-in-law)

Relationships Rachel (Ex-Girlfriend)

Lucy Carlyle (Ex- Wife)

Zoe (Dated)

Mary-Louise (Fake Girlfriend)

Frank (Ex-Husband)

Sabrina Collins (Wife)

James Seinfeld Bon Jovi Chance is the son of Burt and Virginia Chance, father of Hope Chance, husband of Sabrina Collins and great-grandson of Barbara June Thompson.

Character BiographyEdit

Jimmy was born sometime during May 1987-1988 to teenage parents Burt and Virginia Chance. He was believed to the result of an accidental pregnancy, but Burt later admitted to poking a hole in one of his condoms because he was afraid that Virginia would eventually leave him. While still an infant, Jimmy was given up for adoption to a seemingly perfect family, but only lived with them for three weeks before Burt and Virginia changed their minds. Jimmy is generally a good-natured (albeit a bit naive) and caring young man but is far from the sharpest tool in the shed. He often makes malapropisms, has horrible spelling, and takes a while to make logical steps. He lives with his wife, Sabrina, and his daughter, Hope. Their economic status would be lower class (likely under the poverty level) as the family struggles financially to keep up with things like working household appliances, health insurance, and house maintenance. Jimmy's parents meant well but were very young when they raised him. This led them to unorthodox parenting practices such as poor hygiene (as in dropping food/kitchen utensils/pacifiers on the floor and continuing to use them), continual lies to Jimmy throughout childhood and continuing into adulthood, to either keep him out of trouble or just to make him easier to handle. Such lies include that he's allergic to all fruit, an eel lives in his butt and will bite off his hand if he picks at his butt, and that the "internet tubes" don't yet reach to their part of town.

The SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

In "Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend", there are signs that Sabrina might be interested in Jimmy. At the end of the episode, she breaks up with Wyatt, Jimmy professes his love for her, and the two share a passionate kiss. From then on they're in a relationship. Thanks to his parents, Jimmy finally obtains his G.E.D. in the episode "Mrs. Smartypants". In the episode "Inside Probe," it was revealed that Jimmy actually married Lucy while she was still in prison and pregnant. The end of the episode revealed that Lucy survived her execution. She sued for custody of Hope and won, so Jimmy decides to go with Lucy and Hope to Tibet in order to stay with his daughter. But Lucy was later run over by a bus, restoring the status quo of the show.

Season 3Edit

At the beginning of Season three, Jimmy and Sabrina get engaged. They get married in the episode "Modern Wedding". It's also revealed in the episode that Lucy is still alive and being kept in a catatonic state by her father. Lucy survives after getting electrocuted and later in the episode Lucy gets hit by a tour bus.


  • He ate a pack of Virginia's Cigarettes when he was a few months old
  • Jimmy's full name is James Bon Jovi Chance, an obvious homage to Bon Jovi
  • Jimmy and the man seen chasing after Lucy in the pilot are the only survivors of Lucy's killing spree
  • One of the many lies Virginia told Jimmy was that he was allergic to every fruit. Even though this is false, he is allergic to star fruit
  • He made out with Sabrina's mom when he was in high school
  • He went through a goth phase in his late teens, during which he wanted to be called 'Drakkar Noir'
  • Jimmy shares the same birthday as Maw Maw
  • He plucks and eats his eyebrows when he gets nervous.
  • Jimmy is the dumbest one in the chance family.


Sabrina Collins Edit

After getting a job at Howdy's, Jimmy's romantic feelings for Sabrina begin to develop as they grow closer and closer. Unfortunately, Sabrina already has a long-distance boyfriend, which prevents Jimmy from asking her out. During the first season, Sabrina's feelings for him seem to be entirely platonic, however in one episode during Halloween, she kissed Jimmy while she was drunk, thinking he was Wyatt, and called him an amazing kisser. At the beginning of season two, their relationship seems to blossom and they later start to date in "Jimmy's Fake Girlfriend" after Sabrina realized she didn't care for Wyatt anymore. At the beginning of season three, they are engaged to each other, and later, married.

Lucy Carlyle.Edit

Jimmy and Lucy meet in the first episode of season one, when Jimmy innocently saves Lucy from her boyfriend while picking up bubblegum ice cream for his family. After he and Lucy had a one-night stand in his van, the entire Chance family meets her, and to his delight, they all like her. However, while Lucy uses their restroom, the family later finds out she's a serial killer and Virginia knocks her out cold with the television. About seven or six months later, Jimmy finds out that Lucy is pregnant with their child, and soon has custody over Hope when Lucy is executed in the electric chair. In the second-to-last episode of the second season, it is revealed that Jimmy and Lucy were married while she was still in prison and had a jailhouse wedding. However, in the season two finale, it is revealed that Lucy somehow survived, and tries to fight back for guardianship of Hope but is later hit by a bus in the process of chasing Sabrina down with a knife.


Jimmy and Shelley made out and even had sex one time, but never actually had a relationship together, as Jimmy never called her back. When Shelley and Jimmy meet up years after, she is excited to see him, therefore beginning a one-sided relationship between them. She later figures out that he doesn't have any feelings for her because he has a crush on Sabrina, Shelley's cousin, and understands. They are now good friends.